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Nichols Nursery is family owned and operated. Norman Nichols started the nursery out of his interest in Japanese maples. With his wife Evelyn they began to propagate seedlings and eventually a few cultivars. Their two sons, Matt and Tim Nichols, grew up with an amazing love for gardening fostered by their parents and grandmother. Over time the two sonís interest into the world of acer continued to grow. As a result the nursery expanded to include a multitude of new ideas and rare trees including rare ginkgo trees. Together, the Nichols family strives to provide the best high quality Japanese maples to the Carolinas and beyond. With over 1000+ cultivars in propagation, Nichols Nursery provides a wide selection of diverse Japanese maples, ginkgo trees, and other ornamental trees that are sure to add an exotic prestige to each new garden. We love what we do and are very invested in each tree. When you add a tree from Nichols Nursery to your yard you are taking a piece of our family with you. We hope you will enjoy these amazing Japanese maple trees and ginkgo as much as we do.

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Our Maples
Our mission at Nichols Nursery is to provide top quality Japanese maple trees and ginkgo trees at an affordable price. At Nichols Nursery we know that a healthy tree starts with healthy roots. Instead of pumping our trees with high amounts of nitrogen, we use micro-nutrients and natural fertilizers that promote a natural healthy root growth. We graft our own scions and take every effort to maintain correct cultivar nomenclature throughout each process. The end product is a healthy and vibrant ginkgo tree cultivar ready to be planted in the landscape and perform at high level, not only meeting but passing customer expectations.
Our Expertise
Norman Nichols has been propagating Japanese maples for over 35 years and has passed that expertise to his sons Matt and Tim. The nursery started out in local tailgate markets offering a small selection of maples and has grown to now propagating over  1000 cultivars of maples and over 50 cultivars of ginkgo with distribution all over the United States. Matt & Tim Nichols are constantly working to expand their knowledge of acers. As active members of the Maple Society and International Plant Propagator Society they are continually exploring new plant possibilities. Matt & Tim do not rest there; they are continuously traveling to nurseries, arboretums and private collections to observe maples growing in different locations around the United States. We feel this give us a better understanding of different growing conditions and better prepares us to explain them to our customers. As propagators, Nichols Nursery is at the forefront of new growing methods, propagation techniques and making new and exciting cultivars readily available to the general public.
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